Proprietress - The Great Maine Lumberjack Show & World Champion Lumberjills – Chics with Axes

Tina has been involved in logging sports all of her life… She grew up in Hayward, Wisconsin, the Home of the Lumberjack World Championships and started log rolling at the tender age of 8 years old!  Every summer she and her siblings would spend their summer days Log Rolling and as they grew older they became interested in the Chopping, Sawing, Ax Throwing & Speed Climbing, and the family eventually started SCHEER’S LUMBERJACK SHOW , a permanent Lumberjack Show site, which they also took ‘on the road’.  She worked for 15 years with her family as a performer before she ‘branched’ off on her own in 1996 to start THE GREAT MAINE LUMBERJACK SHOW, her own permanent based logging sports exhibition/facility.  She chose Maine as the place to start her Lumberjack Show because it’s important History as the Birthplace of Logging in America, as well as the life style of the people & the land!

1997 was also the same year that she founded the WORLD CHAMPION LUMBERJILLS…  the 1st All-Women’s Logging Sports traveling exhibition!  Because she has been involved in logging sports all of her life, it was ‘natural’ for her to promote women in the sport, not only in the competitive ring but in exhibitions as well.  She single-handedly promoted & sponsored the first woman’s Underhand Chopping and Cross Cut Sawing events at the Lumberjack World Championships in Hayward, Wisconsin and at The Royal Sydney Show in Australia… and both events, along with so many resulting offshoots, are going very strong!! 

She is passionate about Logging Sports entertainment & promotion and has dedicated her life to it. She has competed in and performed at exhibitions all over the World including Australia (10 x), New Zealand (5x), Africa, Germany and over 45 United States (Alaska 17x) and 7 Canadian Provinces!  She has given speeches at countless Schools, Youth Camps, Universities and Rotary Clubs across the globe regarding her sport & its history, as well as being an Inspirational & Motivational speaker regarding her life as a business woman, a Lumberjill athlete, her Reality TV experiences, being a Mother and all of the experiences it has brought me her! 

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1968 – 1990 - Numerous Amateur, Semi Pro & Professional Log Rolling titles
1977 – NBC Challenge of Sexes – Log Rolled against Men’s Canadian Champion
1985 – Royal Melbourne Show - Jack & Jill Cross Cut Sawing Champion
1989 – Lumberjack World Championships - Jack & Jill Cross Cut Sawing Champion
1990 – 2004 – ESPN/Stihl Timbersports Series – Master of Ceremonies 
1997 – MTV’s Real World Boston – feature at The Great Maine Lumberjack Show 
1997, 1998, 2000 & 2001 – ESPN/Stihl Timber Sports Series - Host site in Trenton
1999 – Yankee Magazine - Editors Pick for Maine Business 
2004 – ESPN Great Outdoors Games - Silver Medalist in Women’s Endurance Chopping
2006 – CBS’s Survivor: Panama – Exile Island Castaway
2010 – ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Kentucky
2010 – The Weather Channel - Featured on Cantore’s Stories 
2010 – Ellsworth Chamber of Commerce – Directors Choice Award
2011 – Harlem Superstars – Dream Team Player
2011 – Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce – Associate Business of the Year Award
1998 – 2014 – MDI-YMCA Log Rolling instructor 
2012 – Dancing with the Local Stars – Ellsworth, Maine Grand Theatre
2012 – Bangor Convention & Visitors Bureau – Eagle Award
2012 – Fireball Run Adventure-Rally Northern Exposure – Driver/participant
2013 – Travel Channel’s – Edge of America Travel Show
2013 – CBS’ Jeff Probst – Ax Throw on Talk Show 
2013 – National Geographic/NAT GEO TV – Ultimate Survival Alaska Season II Cast
2016 – HGTV’s - Building Alaska 
2011 - 2016 – Alaska’s IDITAROD: The Last Great Race – Volunteer 

She has been featured in print publications including NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, WOMEN’S SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, INTERVIEW, MARIE CLAIRE and newspapers & radio stations all over the World!!   She has been featured on the DISNEY CHANNEL, ABC WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS, CBS’ THIS MORNING, WEATHER CHANNEL, ESPN, TRAVEL CHANNEL, DISCOVERY CHANNEL & more! And… she once danced the Twist with Chubby Checker!

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